Most often translated as "God has willed it,” Mashallah is an Arabic phrase popular with Muslims throughout the world. It is used to express admiration, amazement, praise, thankfulness, or joy for an event that has occurred. Saying Mashallah positions the positive occurrence as part of divine predestination, implying gratitude to God, and at the same time protecting it from the forces of the evil eye. Though its origins are religious, Mashallah is used ubiquitously as slang interjection. For example, a sexy person walks by: Mashallah 🤤; your friend is 45 minutes late: Mashallah 🙄; your sibling eats several servings of ghormeh sabzi, leaving none for you: Mashallah 😠. –Samar Malakooti

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Bah Bah

There’s no translation for bah bah as it’s more of an auditory compliment. Iranians say bah bah when anything pleases the senses. When food smells or tastes good, you say bah bah! If you are enjoying a nice view, you say bah bah! When a guest arrives at your home and you open the door to welcome them, you say bah bah to show that you are happy to see them. –


Phrases used in some works :

  • Wear a mountain.

  • Carry a sun.

  • Wear a landscape.

  • Wearable landscapes.

  • Landscape hides.

  • Mountain covers.

  • Wear a moon.

  • Moving mountain, doing the impossible. Cutting the moon in half. شق القمر

  • Where is the mountain. کوه کو

  • Landscape hides the view. منظره نظر را می پوشاند

  • Ooouch. آخخخ

  • At night in the garden , alone. شب به گلستان تنها

  • Alone lone one ne e .تنها نها ها ا

  • If wheat grows from my remains. ز خاک من اگر گندم برآید

  • Bah Bah Bah Bahaar. به به به بهار